Providing wheelchair users the thrill of a team sport in the Midwest.

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POWER SOCCER OF INDY, in a nutshell

Power Soccer of Indy (PSI) began in fall of 2003 and a recognized 501 c3  in 2006. We are the only sports organization in the State of Indiana that is 100% dedicated to the sport of power soccer. Our program is statewide and serves children and adults with severe disabilities and offers the opportunity to play the sport of Power Soccer. The game is governed the US Power Soccer Association (USPSA) with a governing international body, Federation de’ International Powerchair Football Association, (FIPFA).


Our Game

  • The game is played 4 vs 4 on a indoor regulation size basketball court
  • Our game is in alignment with the outdoor soccer game.  “The Laws of the Game” are available for download.
  • Our game is played through the school season, September through May
  • National competitions take place at the end of the season in June/July


  • There are currently 11 teams playing power soccer in Indiana, with Ball State University being the 1st college team in the country.
  • We have approximately 83 athletes; 18 under the age of 18, and 65 over the age of 18, and 32 coaches and volunteers.

Our Outreach

  • We work with organizations such as;
    • Muscular Dystrophy Association
    • Parks and Recreation Departments
    • School Systems throughout state
    • US Power Soccer Association
    • Rehab Hospital of Indiana
    • Community North

Clinics are held in central Indiana one to two times per year as needed, with additional clinics held throughout the state and region.  


Our Program

  • Build teams throughout the state with focus in all large cities.
  • Recruit volunteer coaches
  • Offer fundraising opportunities to our teams
  • Provide competition for all PSI member teams
  • Provide and finance Certified Referees and Assistant referees for all games
  • Host national events to increase awareness and program revenues.
  • Offer training to new referees, coaches, athletes.



  • PSI league has the highest concentration of athletes and teams in a formal league.
  • In 2004, PSI team entered their first national completion and placed 1st in Division ll.
  • In 2005. PSI was recognized by the House of Representatives
  • Since it’s inception in 2006, PSI teams have placed 1st in five of the six national competitions in the top conference, while also securing dominance in the top three.
  • In 2007, PSI had three members be selected to the US National team that competed in Tokyo, Japan. USA won 1st place
  • In 2011, PSI had five members be selected to the US National team that competed in Paris, France. USA won 1st place
  • 2013, PSI had three athletes of a team of six represent the USA on the U-18 International Tournament in Paris France. USA won 1st place.
  • In 2014, PSI had three members of a team of six represented the USA in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in the 1st Copa Tournament. USA won 1st place.
  • In 2015, three PSI members were selected to the 12 member USPSA national team to train for the World Cup, 2016. Of the twelve members, eight will be chosen.


This sport provides opportunities to the power wheelchair users like no other. Our mission is to reach out to EVERY power wheelchair user in the State of Indiana and beyond and offer them the chance to play this undeniable beneficial game.

The sport of power soccer builds life skills such as; character, determination, confidence, teamwork, and independence.